League of Legends: 2015 World Championship Final


Der Kampf der League Of Legends - Giganten in der Mercedes-Benz Arena.
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Saturday, 31.10.2015 12:00 hrs

League of Legends: 2015 World Championship Final live at the Mercedes-Benz Arena

The Uber Arena is to host the League of Legends 2015 World Championship Finals on 31 October 2015. After the group stages, quarterfinals and semifinals in Paris, London and Brussels, the two remaining teams will battle it out at the Final in Berlin. Halloween costume optional.

UPDATE 29 October

What time do doors open?
Doors will open at 10am. The show starts at 12pm (noon).

Can I take photos/videos at the event? Can I bring my camera?
Yes, please do! We'd love to see them. There will be photo opportunities in the lobby as well as a few surprises throughout the day which will make for great selfies! You can bring your SLR cameras for this event. Please just don't bring any cameras with MASSIVE lenses, in which case security might ask you to leave it in the security deposit area. Selfie-sticks, tablets and laptops are not allowed at the arena. 

Will there be food and drink for sale at the event?
Yes, there'll be plenty of food and drink to purchase between and during matches. 

Can I bring my own food/drink?
Please do not bring your own food and beverages as they will not be permitted within the venue.

Can I wear my cosplay?
All customers and their costumes as well as any objects they are carrying will be checked at the entrance. The Operator and its contracted security service company reserve the right to decide which costumes and/or objects get access to the arena and the right to withhold costumes and/or objects that could cause danger to other persons or the security of the event.

In case your costume, objects, weapon(s) or parts of it do not match the requirements listed below you will have to take it off once entering the arena, a deposit service is in place. Otherwise access to the arena is denied, there will be no refund for your ticket and you are not entitled to any claims against the promoter or the Operator.

•    You must be recognizable at all times.
•    You must have unobstructed vision at all times.
•    You must be able to sit in your seat while wearing your costume. Please also make sure that others are still able to have an unrestricted view to the show.
•    You must be able to easily maneuver your costume over stairs or ramps unassisted.
•    You may not include liquids, gels, or other substances which could cause a mess.
•    The costume and/or objects cannot include, or otherwise utilize, any edged weapons (such as knives, daggers, swords), or blunt weapons (clubs, maces or other crushing weapons) in steel, iron or any type of heavy material. Sticks are not allowed to be longer than 1 meter.
•    Banned also are firearms of any kind including air guns or any other type of projectile weapon regardless of whether it is loaded or functional. Bows are not allowed.

Is there a coat check? Can I check my luggage?
Coat-check is available and costs €2 per piece, but no oversized luggage like travel bags is allowed. Backpacks and umbrellas will need to be left at coat-check.

How do I get to the arena?
You can find all information on how to get to the arena here.

I have another question that isn’t answered here.
In that case, check out the Arena FAQ or ask us on Facebook or Twitter.


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