Dinosaurier - Im Reich der Giganten


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Hotline:  01806 - 570070
Premium:   030/2060708844
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Friday, 08.02.2019 19:00 hrs

Dinosaurier - Im Reich der Giganten live in der Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin

After 65 million years, the prehistoric giants are ready for a comeback! "Dinosaurier - Im Reich der Giganten" ("Walking With Dinosaurs") stops at the Uber Arena for a total of five showings between 8 and 10 February 2019.

Based on the original BBC series, the globally-acclaimed production showcases the dinosaurs' evolution in the most spectacular and colouful way. In one-hour and 40 minutes, the story of nine species from the entire 200 million year reign of the dinosaurs is depicted. The audience will learn how carnivorous dinosaurs evolved to walk on two legs, and how the herbivores fended off their more agile predators. 

"Dinosaurier - Im Reich der Giganten" at the Uber Arena is a completely updated production that took a team of 50 people, from engineers, fabricators, artists, painters to animatronic experts, and entire year to build. 

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